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we want to communicate through this post how entrepreneurs and business owners can use white label products for incorporating their brand in order to elevate their brand identity and stand out in a competitive market from the moment they start.

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White-label Products

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1) Start a new brand with premium white-label products

E-commerce Retail Store

While the e-commerce industry continues to rapidly grow. And especially with the shift towards online shopping. Starting an online brand retail store, a drop-shipping business, or creating a niche e-commerce platform can be a lucrative and exciting venture. 

To ensure success in this competitive market, it is important to follow certain steps and consider key factors. Here are a few to help you prepare for the types of practices, tools, and resources you may not initially be aware of or have considered. For example, white labeling and private label rights (PLR).

Now, while our focus below is on the beauty and cosmetics branding niche, you can apply the basic principles and practices to most other businesses.

What are white labeling and private label rights?

White labeling and private label rights (PLR) offer an empowering avenue for entrepreneurs across various industries, not just beauty and cosmetics.

White label

For now, let’s imagine you are starting an online store selling beauty products and cosmetics. With white labeling, you could partner with a reputable manufacturer to supply you with a range of high-quality beauty and cosmetic products, from skincare to fragrances.

Unless your supplier doesn’t offer a customer fulfillment service and deliver to your customers for you, these products would arrive at your doorstep ready for branding, allowing you to slap your own logo and packaging design on them before presenting them to your customers.

Private Label Rights

Now, let’s add PLR to the mix. With PLR, you not only get to rebrand the products, but you may also gain the legal right to modify them as you see fit. Perhaps you want to create a unique collection of products tailored to a specific demographic.

With PLR, you have the freedom to tweak the formulations, adjust the dosages or quantities, and even rename the products to match your brand’s identity and messaging.

This approach empowers entrepreneurs in the beauty and cosmetics space to enter the market swiftly with a lineup of products that resonate with their target audience.

By leveraging white labeling and PLR, entrepreneurs can focus on building their brand, marketing strategies, and customer relationships while leaving manufacturing and product development to experienced suppliers.

Build a beauty and cosmetics brand today.

Yes, it is true, provided you already have the nominal requirements for building and launching an online store. You can start a beauty and cosmetics store today.

With Jubilee, for example, you will immediately have access to premium products from US suppliers. You can then apply your brand and have your products delivered directly to your customers.

With zero “minimal order quantity” constraints, you can start within an affordable budget.

Developing a strong brand.

Building a strong brand is essential for standing out in the market. Remember, your brand is not just creating a logo. Adopting branding principles can be a valuable asset for your business.


Make sure to define your brand and its values clearly. Consider integrating your website with WordPress or Shopify, both popular content management systems that allow you to create and manage your website, blog, and e-commerce store easily. However, to use Jubilee, you will need a Shopify account.

You will be able to showcase your products or services through your store interface and engage with your audience through a blog, if you decide to have one. Both WordPress and Shopify offer various themes and add-on plugins that can be customized to suit your business needs.

Protect your brand.

Trademarks and intellectual property are important aspects of brand protection. Register your brand’s trademarks with the appropriate authorities to prevent unauthorized use by competitors and build brand recognition in the marketplace. This will provide legal exclusivity and rights, allowing you to take legal action against infringement.

Focus on customer service

Good customer service is crucial for the success of your online retail store. Prompt and attentive assistance, personalized attention, effective problem resolution, an empathetic and understanding approach, and clear communication are all important aspects of providing excellent customer service. You can achieve this by adopting customer support software like Freshdesk, which allows you to manage customer inquiries, support tickets, and provide timely responses.

Optimise productivity

Managing your online brand retail store efficiently is crucial. Consider using productivity tools like Notion, a versatile productivity tool that can be used for various tasks. Notion allows you to organize and collaborate on projects, manage tasks, and keep track of important information.


If you live in a city, look around as you walk about at night. Look at the shadows cast by street lamps, headlights.






Jubilee is a platform designed to streamline the process of launching and scaling

cosmetics and beauty brands.

It offers drop-shipping with a white-labeling service so that you can customise

products with your brand. With no minimum order requirement constraints,

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How to get started with print-on-demand today.

Print-on-demand presents an excellent opportunity to launch an online store and showcase your design and illustration skills. If this doesn’t align with your expertise, don't worry; you can always hire an artist or find royalty-free designs that are print-on-demand ready.