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Print-on-demand presents an excellent opportunity to launch an online store and showcase your design and illustration skills. If this doesn’t align with your expertise, don't worry; you can always hire an artist or find royalty-free designs that are print-on-demand ready.


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2) How to get started with print-on-demand today.

One of the most advantageous aspects of print-on-demand for producing and selling your uniquely printed products is that you don’t have to handle the shipping yourself.

While you may need to make a few decisions regarding shipping and fulfillment options, such as whether to charge a flat rate or offer alternative choices, the rest is simple.

All you need to do is populate your online store with your designs for the products you choose. Getting started is even easier.

Join Gelato for print-on-demand services

With production partners in 32 countries, by sourcing the best-quality products nearer to your delivery location using Gelato, everyone can conduct worldwide e-commerce business with efficiency.

Gelato is noted for connecting global creators and entrepreneurs with a platform that provides quality products and the means to deliver them to customers faster and with fewer emissions.

Read on to learn more about Gelato, how the print-on-demand process works and where Gelato fits in.

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How the print-on-demand process works and where Gelato fits in.

Print-on-demand is a relatively simple business lifestyle idea for creators to adopt. Using skills you already have can save you money and time.

Now, your first encounter with the Gelato dashboard will present you with a comprehensive and organized sidebar of tools, including analytics, product catalogs, templates, branded packaging, and, of course, a mock-up studio. And that’s just some of the items available.

To give you a better idea of how the print-on-demand process works, the following is a breakdown of the steps:

The print-on-demand process

1) Create your design and select your products, pricing, shipping, and other relevant details.

2) Apply your design and produce mock-ups for your store, plus download image mock-ups for social media and other sharing with your audience.

3) Push products to your store with a configured woo, Shopify, or Ecwid WordPress plugin; synchronize your Gelato products with your online store.

4) Fulfillment and delivery This part of the process is automatically triggered when a customer makes an order or online purchase.


The Gelato Mock-up Studio

Prepare your designs

Depending on the products for which you wish to reproduce your designs, preparing your artwork may require specific formatting for each different item.

For example, you may wish to print an all-over textile design on a pair of trendy jogging pants, or you may need to reproduce a simple design with or without a background color.

Using the mock-up studio tool

Preparing your artwork image correctly will depend on your design and the product you wish to add. Normally, when creating images with no background, remember to save your design as a PNG file format when applicable. And ensure that the resolution of all your artwork images is high enough for the size they need to reproduce.

The mock-up studio tool is simple to use; just select the product you wish to create and upload your artwork.

Gelato print-on-demand key features and benefits

Global Production Network

Gelato has over 130 global printing partners, allowing local production and shipping with no minimum order.

The platform enables businesses to easily expand their product offerings and reach new markets globally. And with Gelato’s local production model approach, shipping distances are reduced, making the service a more environmentally friendly print-on-demand solution.



personalization option examples

Personalization is another Gelato feature creators and entrepreneurs may find handy. Personalization allows customers to add personalized elements to your existing design or artwork.


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